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2022 Reflections Update

With the uncertainties of Covid continuing to influence every aspect of personal lives, it was decided to restrict our charityís plans and ambitions for 2021, ensuring that any commitments would be fulfilled.

The trustees applied successfully for a grant from CLA Charitable Trust (see below); they have submitted an application for a grant to enable the website to be reviewed and updated; in the interim Alan Rowntree, although wishing to retire completely, generously continues to support our current website on a voluntary basis.

A community project using drama to explore local heritage is in the process of development; it is hoped that, with the pandemic receding, this can become a viable project for 2022.

During 2022 the trustees will undertake a review of existing policies and procedures and actively seek to recruit one more trustee; we are grateful for the encouragement of so many people acquainted with the charity.

The funding received from CLA in October 2021 provides equipment, learning materials and tools to undertake farm based activity sessions.

The aim of this project is to provide a release for mainly primary aged children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with additional needs, that are experiencing overwhelm or overload.

This will be achieved by carefully designed activities that can help calm their mind and balance their body whilst in a countryside setting.

It is proven that movement through heavy muscle work has a calming and organising effect on the body, which, in turn helps a child manage their feelings and actions.

Activities which require the large muscles to work against forms of resistance - such as pushing a wheelbarrow, pulling a rope or digging and pouring, achieve this goal in a fun and rewarding way which incorporates social interaction, team work and resilience.

This project will also enable many children to learn about and enjoy the countryside. The activities take place on the Lizard at an established organic farm, within a safe and welcoming environment.

The farm is already set up for activities for children including those who are disadvantaged and disabled, with a range of child friendly facilities such as a toilet and shower block, outdoor hand washing/welly wash area, bus parking and undercover picnic area as well as wheelchair friendly paths around much of the farm trails.

We are very grateful to CLA for enabling the delivery of this project.

2020/2021 Reflections Update

2020 was the year when trustees decided to 'mothball' the charity, so as better to understand the potential for moving the charity forward in 2021 or to take the decision to wind up the charity.

As all ongoing projects had come to an end, it was decided not to apply for funding in 2020 until there was clarity about the future:

2020 turned out to be a difficult year in many ways.

Looking forward to 2021, there remains much uncertainty, not least due to the continuing impact of Covid 19. The trustees are aware that there is a need to start applying for funds again, particularly for core costs; funding to cover basic administration costs will be imperative for LOT to move forward on any projects.

To assist with this, the trustees have identified two potential new trustees who have been involved with LOT over many years and who have professional experience very relevant to running a charity successfully.

The aim of the charity, to help raise achievement and self-esteem of young people on the Lizard remains the same. As we consider possible new projects, we look to build on the pilots of Springboard; these focussed on communication in its widest sense but especially focussed on children who may have extra needs in developing communication skills.

We understand that 2021 will be a year of uncertainties and in particular for schools, with which we have historically collaborated. We realise that any activities which are designed to take place indoors should be left for another time. Hence, the focus of our activities from 2021 will be those taking place in the outdoors, in the countryside, by the coast, in the open air. We hope in this way to continue to add value to the learning experience of young people and as always, include and involve adults as friends, mentors, fellow-learners.

We are tentatively becoming a little excited; but we are also very conscious that raising funds to deliver a substantial programme of activities will require a sustained effort.

Throughout this transitional period, the trustees have been indebted to the support and sound advice of our company secretary and financial advisor Jacquie Pascoe, our accountant James Hodgson and our website manager Alan Rowntree.

2019 Reflections Update

This year LOT continued to work on the Springboard project with funding from Awards for All.

The aim of Springboard is supporting meaningful communication between children.

The Objective of Springboard is to launch projects that will support children communicating with each other in a variety of ways; at the forefront will be enabling any child to communicate in a meaningful way with those who may have extra needs.

The Outcomes of Springboard will see children have an increased awareness and understanding of different approaches and acquisition of skills needed for them to communicate confidently with all their friends. LOT will support others already working on similar objectives

The Sensory Garden. With additional funding LOTís involvement with the Sensory Garden was able to continue. Work has continued in conjunction with a local community group to ensure there is a future for the garden when fully handed over to the community.

Makaton. One of the most successful aspects of Springboard has been the provision of Makaton classes to local primary schools. This year the reach of the project was expanded to further primary schools and was received well by those who took up the opportunity. LOT continues to believe that providing children and young people with an alternative means by which to communicate is advantageous for those with additional needs but also in assisting with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Lead Teacher: During Autumn term 2018 all the children were very fortunate to have a Makaton lesson every week. Vicky Allen who represents the Lizard Outreach Trust was great at teaching the children Makaton using fun songs and words which were relevant to them and their lives. By Christmas, the pupils knew many songs and were confident to perform them in public.This valuable communication tool is extremely important and has a place in any classroom as an effective way of communicating in a calm and mindful manner. The pupils always enjoyed Mrs Allen's visits and engaged in the lessons with interest and enjoyment.

Magazine The magazine project has continued and involves a group of young people from different local schools, producing content to create a magazine for their peers under the supervision of Vicky the project co-ordinator.

Click here to read the Summer and Autumn editions.

Alan Rowntree has continued to maintain and update our website

The trustees agree that the future of LOT will be dependent on sourcing new trustees to further the work done. As a result, the trustees intend to take a period of 6 months (June 2019 to December 2019) during which they will reduce outgoings and focus on trustee recruitment. This time period coincides with the end of our current grant funding from Awards for All.

2020 Subsequent events of 2020 have made their impact on the aims and potential role of the charity in our community. An in-depth reappraisal of need, relevance and viability is essential; future plans are dependent on many, as yet unknown, factors. In light of current circumstances, the trustees will 'mothball' the charity and not provide any learning activities for young people of the Lizard during the rest of this financial year. After which, and at a suitable moment, a decision will be taken as to whether the charity can continue or will be wound up completely.

2018 Reflections Update

We have continued the Springboard project, thanks to a grant from Awards for All. The grant covers the salary of our Projects co-ordinator for one day a week and provides resources for the Sensory Garden, Makaton and the Magazine.

Outcomes for each aspect are being achieved see 2017 Reflections Update. Through private donations, we have been able to cover overhead costs.

Without the initial generous grants from The Baily Thomas Charitable Fund and The Cornwall Community Foundation Comic Relief Community Cash programme, LOT would have been unable to develop this project in a substantial way.

Looking ahead to 2019 we intend to introduce Makaton into another 2 primary schools and possibly a community group.

In 2019 funding applications will be submitted to continue Springboard for at least another year and hopefully more, since the feedback is so positive. We piloted the Makaton with pre-school Little Lizards and parents asked us to offer a few sessions to Little Piskies; these will be evaluated.

We have been encouraged by professionals' assessment of the value of a sensory garden: 'The Outdoor environment is one of the best multisensory spaces we have, full of accessible sights, sounds, textures, smells and even tastes.' - Joanna Grace: Sensory and Inclusion specialist.

Our budding journalists are becoming more and more resourceful regarding the magazine.
Click here to read the Summer and Autumn editions.

2017 Reflections Update

The NAME Springboard was chosen for our projects' agenda in 2017.
The AIM of Springboard is supporting meaningful Communication between children.
The OBJECTIVE of Springboard is to launch projects that will support children communicating with each other in a variety of ways; at the forefront will be enabling any child to communicate in a meaningful way with those who may have extra needs; needs which may arise from visual, hearing, learning, mobility impairment.
The OUTCOMES of Springboard will see children have an increased awareness and understanding of different approaches and acquisition of skills needed for them to communicate confidently with all their friends. LOT will support others already working on similar objectives.
Question: How do we achieve the overarching aim?
Answer: We undertook three small pilot projects. These were to create a sensory garden in a public place; to introduce Makaton in three primary schools and to enable a small steering group to create a magazine for children by children. These pilots were undertaken by our projects co-ordinator, Vicky.

The Sensory Garden took shape in a field opposite Coverack Primary School. This is a work in progress as we wait to see if the bulbs come up and the other plants survive the weather! In addition to the initial grant from an individual, LOT received help with equipment from a local builders merchant and a £300 grant from Galaxy Chocolate. Physical help and advice was generously given by the Gardening Club in Coverack, Coverack School's PTFA and Young Farmers. The children were very "hands on" helpers, while learning why the scent and feel of some plants would be especially exciting for a visually impaired person, why the colours and design would be stimulating for a non-verbal or deaf child, why the smell of plants can be good for everyone! .. why working with young adults and older adults on a project can be fun and you learn lots! It has a mention in their magazine. (see below) Our initial grant has now been spent and the school has taken over the garden's maintenance and supervision.

Vicky received initial training from the Cornwall Down Syndrome Support Group. Thanks to a grant from the Baily Thomas Charitable Fund , she has offered 10 x 1 hour sessions to 3 primary schools. These sessions introduce the notion and use of Makaton to children and adults; the composition of the group is decided by the Headteacher. These sessions will be completed in 2018 and if judged a success, LOT will apply for funding to develop this pilot into a more substantial project. This is what the 11 children in the Infants class have told us;
Answers to their questionnaire:
All 11 said yes they did like learning Makaton.
Favourite signs were: Lunch, Pasty, Friends, Thank you, Ice cream, Horse and Silent.
Favourite Song: The Pirate Song and Twinkle Twinkle.
Why is Makaton good: coz everyone was talking, you can make good friends, coz if somebody is deaf in your school you can do Makaton, because I like to, because it's fun, if people can't talk, it makes you learn more, because you can make friends.
11/11 Used Makaton in the everyday.
10/11 said they thought everyone should learn Makaton.
Why ? (answers)

  • So we could sign.
  • Because you can make good friends.
  • Because Makaton is good.
  • Because I love to.
  • Because then it's better.
  • Then they will learn.
  • So we can sign to each other.
  • "It was really important to learn Makaton because when you meet someone who only speaks Makaton you can make friends with them. I like being able to chat to Elodie." - pupil

    "I enjoyed it because now Elodie can understand what I am saying. I met someone the other day who knew Makaton and I could say hello and tell him my name was Arthur and that was cool." - pupil

    "I am overjoyed that my Children are being given the opportunity to learn Makaton. In such a diverse society, it is a massive help to be able to understand that people all learn and communicate in different ways. What this enables our children to experience is a skill that is not widely taught within school and having this resource available to our children within school, enhances their education, and removes the barriers which can be in place when they encounter children with language differences to their own." - parent


    The steering group wanted to acquire professional skills and produce quality reporting. Cornwall Community Foundation awarded LOT a grant through its Comic Relief Community Cash programme; this enabled the group to purchase materials and pay Vicky to supervise; she was greatly helped and encouraged by volunteer professional advice. They have produced two editions of "Itscovered " so far. This pilot will also run into 2018, when it will be carefully evaluated.

    Click here to read the first two editions. Nov 2017 or Christmas Special

    Read more about Springboard on our Projects page click here

2016 Reflections Update

At the AGM Vicky Allen resigned as a trustee. Lucy de Sola Pinto was appointed trustee. Lucy attended Mullion School and has a degree in Geography and Earth Systems from the University Campus at Penryn.

Having completed projects in hand, the trustees took time to reassess the role LOT may have in the community and how it should respond to any identified needs. They acknowledged that rural isolation could be felt very keenly by young people with extra needs. A decision was taken to appoint Vicky Allen, an experienced graduate youth worker, to coordinate projects. Vicky was employed for one day a week from September to pilot potential future projects. Due to the previous success of her Disability Awareness assemblies, this theme was the starting point.

Design for Sensory Garden

Thanks to a grant from an individual, Vicky started engaging with children to design and produce a Sensory Garden; the support from local volunteers and school has been such that it was decided to develop this garden project further and create at least two others on the Lizard.

Mullion Golf Club again generously hosted a Golf Day Competition, which raised funds for the upkeep of our Sunshine Coach. The 20th Golf Day will take place on Monday 29th May 2017. This will in all probability be our last Golf Day because LOT transferred the ownership of the minibus to Landewednack School in January 2017; the minibus will continue to be used for the benefit of young people on the Lizard, but LOT found that the charityís need to run a minibus had diminished.

2015 Reflections Update

At the AGM, Tom Jane, a founder trustee resigned after 18 years with LOT (or, half his life as Tom pointed out!) Over the years, Tom has supported and led the charity in so many ways - as secretary, treasurer, bid writer, participant in activities, organiser of activities. He ensured that all our policies and procedures were kept up to date. He has been a first class, supportive trustee, a true ambassador for LOT and constant supporter of young people on the Lizard. His legacy is enormous.

LOT has attended very helpful, local seminars and events throughout the year. In December Trelowarren Retreat invited Vicky (trustee) to read one of the lessons at their Christmas Carol Service. We are very appreciative of the professional advice, information and support available to us on the Lizard.

The trustees decided to take six months for reflection and reassessment of the role and relevance of LOT within its community. LOT was firstly registered as a charity in 1998, having been a voluntary organisation in the previous year. No projects were therefore planned for the six month period which began at the beginning of August. At their meeting in late January, the trustees started to chart the way forward.

The LEAP project ended at the end of July. Read more

2014 Reflections Update

In 2014 we continued projects and embarked upon a pilot.
In 2013 we celebrated our seventh and final year of the City & Sea Exchange, and then surprise! Tower Hamlets sponsored a residential on the Lizard for some of their young people. Read more

Children in Need continued their grant to us, enabling extra support and experience through activities to secondary school children with special needs on the Lizard. Read more

Mullion Golf Club again generously offered the course for a day in order to raise funds for the running of our Variety Sunshine Coach. This day was also supported by very generous personal donations. The Thames Vale Vultures, who volunteer with Variety, again sent us a large box of Easter Eggs. Read more

Thanks to a personal sponsor we were able to pilot Project Rex. This project's aim was to provide families with child psychological education through comedy community theatre. Read more The project was undertaken by Dr. Emily Jane of Useful Psychology. Read more The project was so well received by practising professionals, that they will now develop this pilot.

2013 Reflections Update

We knew at the beginning of the year that during 2013 all four trustees would have particularly heavy personal commitments, leaving reduced time available to volunteer with LOT. We took the decision to continue with the projects in hand, but to postpone new projects until 2014.

Our City & Sea Exchange with Futureversity, Tower Hamlets took place in August this year, avoiding Ramadan which many students feel happier to observe at home.(read more)

In September Leon Wolfe took on the role of LEAP coordinator when Ros became employed full-time with another Cornwall based charity Surf Action. (read more) Also in September Mullion Golf Club again hosted our Annual Golf Day (read more)

Our Sunshine Coach continues to be well used by LOT, local schools and youth organisations. Through Variety we received a box full of Easter eggs to distribute! (read more)

We were able to support Truro Dioceseís Prayer Rooms in Schools training with help from Church & Community Fund We have received a personal donation, which we have considered using to reintroduce the Lizard Youth Theatre; a decision will be taken early in 2014.

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2012 Reflections Update

We feel that this year has been a very useful and happy one. The established projects have progressed very well, and we have at least two new ideas to take into 2013. One new possibility could involve the primaries and the comprehensive.

Newlyn School of Art Pilot project
In partnership with Henry Garfit and Newlyn School of Art LOT piloted a project with Constantine Primary School. Joher took Kenwyn class (9-10 year olds) to experience working alongside practising artists; it was such a memorable learning experience that, should suitable funding become available, LOT plans to extend the pilot and offer this significant opportunity to all the schools on the Lizard.

ref2012a ref2012b

Other new projects were successfully established.

LOT's Leaders was a one-year project which has been completed. (read more)

LEAP is a three year project which will gather momentum in January 2013; we anticipate some very interesting and helpful outcomes from this project. (read more)

City & Sea As always, we had a really great time and made more new friends from Tower Hamlets (read more).

Mullion Golf Club again hosted our charity competition, and has offered us 4th September as the date for 2013 (read more).

There are potentially valuable links between some of these projects and our Young People's Christian Outreach project (read more).

2011 Reflections Update

In January, Lawrence (our gap year student) worked alongside two students from Falmouth University Digital Media Department, Richard Stephens and John Howe, who as part of their course work, offered to capture some of LOT activities on video: working with Jenny they developed this resource into a Blogspot. Read more .

Jenny was able to capture some of the work done by Felix, our Rank Foundation sponsored Community Action Placement. They all formed an excellent team together; the professional, happy approach of the Falmouth students was a credit both to themselves and to their department; we really enjoyed their company and work and we also valued the extra help and input from the GAP and CAP students.

Before Lawrence left in March, thanks to the generosity of the Rank Foundation he was privileged to be offered a fantastic voyage on a Tall Ship. Read more We were thrilled to be able to replace our Variety Club Sunshine Coach in April. Read more

A new project was completed in the summer - how to mould a surfboard, and then use it! Workshops were conducted in the Lizard and Penryn by the tutor Mark Roberts of Glass Tiger Surfboards.

Before Jenny left in August the activities offered were very varied e.g. photography, beach clean, dance, music, ice skating, surfboard moulding, City & Sea Exchange Read more

In December we received an 'Awards for All' grant to develop a young leaders programme; this will begin in February 2012, alongside the project made possible by a grant from the Church and Community Fund. See Sponsors page.

The autumn preparation for the CCF project was funded by the Archbishops' Council's Mission Fund - Truro Diocese; the outcomes for the new year are already looking very exciting, and news of both these projects will appear on this website.

In addition to projects and activities, the trustees have been reviewing the governance of the charity in depth. In March 2011 LOT achieved Level 2 of the ILCM Capability Model. View certificate. Trustees have also attended various high quality training days and conferences. e.g. IVO's Safeguarding, Cornwall Council's Disability Awareness training, Truro Diocese's Raising our Game 8 training, Rank Foundation and Joseph Rank Trust's funding conference in March; our financial administrator attends at least one training event annually for her work with LOT.

The trustees are thrilled that from February 2012 they will support and be supported by Kate Sherlock, who as a pupil at Mullion School was one of the leaders of LOT's Political Literacy project. Kate "I graduated from the University of Southampton in June 2011 with a 2.1 LLB law degree. I have a particular interest in the charity sector and hope to specialise in this area: I will gain an invaluable insight into this from a client's perspective through LOT. It's brilliant to be able to link back in with LOT after having been a beneficiary of the political literacy project and especially now at the beginning of a new venture on youth leadership." Read more

Also in December, we welcomed a visit from Alyson Samson, a participant in the Political Literacy project but as a Commonwealth student. Alyson is now an English & Drama student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. As part of her course she spent a term at college in London, and visited us in Cornwall before leaving for home. We all thought it would be a brilliant idea to run Political Literacy Mark 2! Read more

2010 Reflections Update


2010 became increasingly busy during the course of the year. Jenny completed her first year at college with high marks for all her assignments. Her regular Newsletters appear on the Youth page. Maggie and Jenny attended an excellent Rank conference in the Lake District in snowy February. The Rank Foundation has funded a Gap year student, Lawrence, to support Jenny's work with LOT. Karen completed her course on Volunteer Management at Truro College; the course content has been very helpful and informative and enabled her to construct robust volunteer policies, which will ensure that LOT volunteers will be well supported. Richard Hocking and Volunteer Cornwall have been an invaluable source of wise advice and help.

The Rank Foundation sponsored two year 9 girls on the Tall Ships voyage.

Lloyds TSB provided an invaluable infrastructure grant to support the increasing workload of trustees who are all volunteers.

The Variety Club has approved an application from LOT for the purchase of a new Sunshine Coach. Again, Mullion Golf Club generously offered the course for a day to raise funds for the running of the minibus; the weather was good and the day great fun.

The Austin & Hope Pilkington Trust and the Norman Family Charitable Trust awarded grants for surfboard moulding workshops.

REG Windpower, Bonython, donated the funds raised on their Community Open Day.

Our fourth City & Sea Exchange with Futureversity, London, was again a great success.

Two Falmouth College Media students have negotiated to work with LOT for a month in January 2011.

Francis Terry (former Mullion School pupil and LOT volunteer) set up the IT facilities in our office, and is always ready to help solve IT problems, particularly for the Chair!

The Church and Community Fund and the Archbishops' Council's Mission Fund have provided grants to support Christian outreach; a part-time appointment will be made early in 2011.

Alan Rowntree of AATeam Exeter continues to improve and update LOT's website, which is so useful for supporters, funders, potential funders and trustees.

2009 Reflections Update

Youth or Adult? Initiative


Chyvarloe DVD movie

Thanks to a grant from the J.Paul Getty Jr. Charitable Trust, LOT is able to rent a small office at Caerthillian Farm, in the Lizard village. Jacquie Pascoe is both Financial Administrator and Company Secretary; she oversees all income and expenditure on a monthly basis and liaises with accountants Hodgsons of Falmouth. She and her husband Graham are also regular, very supportive volunteers. Both their daughters have taken part in a many of LOT's activities and projects.
Karen Orchard began work in April as Volunteers Coordinator; this is a part-time, 2-year post funded by the Headley Trust.
Jenny Dickinson was appointed as a full-time youth worker in February. Jenny's post is funded by the Joseph Rank Trust under the Youth or Adult? Initiative. As part of this funding, in September Jenny will enrol on a 4-year degree course in youth and community studies at the YMCA George Williams College.

2008 Reflections Update

2008 has begun very optimistically for LOT; due to the encouragement and financial support received, it is possible to plan the coming months with confidence.

The Archbishops’ Council Mission Fund grant opened the door to funding for a youth worker under the Youth or Adult? Initiative of the Joseph Rank Trust.

The Joseph Rank Trust is providing 5 years’ funding for a youth worker from August 2007. The worker is also enrolled on a degree course at the YMCA George Williams College, London.

The Rank Foundation sponsored 6 voyages on the Tall Ships.

The J.Paul Getty Jr. Charitable Trust financed the setting up of an office for LOT and its youth worker.
The Jerusalem Trust (SFCT) provided laptops for key workers.

The Headley Trust (SFCT) gave its third and final tranche of funding to support LOT as it implemented a long-term business plan.

Tower Hamlets Summer University allowed LOT to be a junior partner in the City & Sea Exchange.

Follett Stock guided LOT through the process of becoming a company, which was completed in March.

Hodgson’s kept our finances carefully scrutinised.

Latitude 50 patiently took us through the steps of developing our website.

The 2008 Golf Day has taken place and details can be found here.

One of our 2008 projects is to prepare a regular e-newsletter/ update, so please visit us from time to time.

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